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Local Attractions

Local Attractions in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is Croatia's capital city and despite the country being a tourist hotspot, the city is still rather unknown to travelers as most opt to flock to the turquoise waters of Croatia's coastline. Zagreb has recently stepped out in a big way, showcasing an unparalleled culinary scene, colorful streets and design, and personality that rival some of the world's greatest cities. —Megan Starr

Zagreb sits at the foot of the Medvednica Mountain and you can almost instantly feel the city's connection with its local nature as a result. Zagreb has no shortage of green spaces and the locals love nothing more than to take advantage of these parks and places. Street art, innovative design, and sophistication are ever-present around Zagreb and the city's personality flourishes as a result.

When to Go

Zagreb has four distinct seasons and there are events and things to do in each of them. Summers are warm and the average temperature hovers around 80 degrees. Winters are cold with temperatures around 37 degrees on average. Zagreb is the ninth rainiest capital in Europe, on the other hand, so come prepared.


One of the biggest celebrations in Zagreb is Advent. During this time, the city takes on a cozier vibe with local food, lights, and vendors taking to the streets—head to Zrinjevac to see Advent at its best. In mid-March, Zagreb becomes a fluorescent fantasy world as the city celebrates the Festival of Lights. The city center illuminates with interactive light shows and it truly takes you to another world. Music lovers will enjoy the famous InMusic Festival that takes place every June at Lake Jarun in Zagreb. The festival lures in more than 100,000 music enthusiasts yearly and continues to grow in popularity.

What to Eat

The city of Zagreb does a commendable job catering to everyone regardless of his or her diet. You can find restaurants that meat lovers will fancy in the same vicinity as 100 percent plant-based restaurants. A popular pastry that the locals of Zagreb love is "Strukli," a cottage cheese and sour cream filled pastry that has its origins in Slovenia but is popular in the Croatian capital today. Cuspajz, a meat and vegetable stew, is also pretty popular amongst locals although it can usually be found at home and not necessarily out at restaurants. Like most other countries in the Balkans, you won't be hard-pressed to find Ćevapi, a grilled minced meat, ubiquitously throughout the city.

More information, please visit https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destination/zagreb.