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Presentation Instructions

Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentation Session

The duration of a presentation slot is 15 minutes. Please target your lecture for a duration of about 12 minutes for the presentation plus ab. 3 minutes for questions from the audience.

An LCD projector & computer will be available in every session room for regular presentations. Personal laptops are not allowed for presentations.

Presenters are invited to report to the session chair 15 minutes BEFORE the start of the session.

  • Please use simple slides and with a font size of at least 14 points
  • Please embed all fonts in your PowerPoint file and bring a backup PDF-version of your presentation
  • It is absolutely necessary that all files (movies / video / images) be stored in the same folder as the presentation
  • Please do not to exceed 100MB (movies excluded) for each presentation

Poster Sessions

We expect that at least one author stands by the poster for (most of the time of) the duration of the poster session. This is essential both to present your work to anyone interest into it and to make sure that your presence is verified by one of the session chairs.

If you wish to leave your poster to attend a lecture, please leave a message on the board to inform visitors and session chairs.

The size of poster board is 594mm (wide)× 840mm (high). Posters must be in portrait format (height > width). This cannot be modified.


Online Presentation

The presenter should prepare a set of slides that clearly illustrate the main points of her/his paper, and make sure the presentation fits well within the assigned time slot, leaving at least 3 minutes for a period of question-answering. The presentation will be done at an online streaming platform (Zoom) where no account creation is required; a specific URL will be provided in due time for joining the session.

On the presenters’ end, it’s required to have a computer with sound, microphone and a webcam. A stable internet connection is also mandatory in order to have a successful presentation. As a backup, you can prepare a pre-recorded video (maximum resolution of 720p, encoded with the H.264/H.265 codec and with a file extension of mp4/mkv/mov) or a PowerPoint presentation file with embedded audio, and send it to conference secretary's email box. This file cannot exceed the size of 200MB. This video will be used if the internet connection at the presenter’s end is not stable at the time of the presentation.